Course Overview

1.Weekly In-Class Assignments - Integration Lessons (20)

2.Professional Article/Website Response (10)

3.Home-School ICT Connection Communication Tool

4.Culminating Activity - Integration of Technology

5.Class Make-Up Professional Article/Website Response (2)

The Integration of Information Technology in Instruction, Part 1 is set up as a blended course with our 125 required hours represented as follows:

1. Attendance: 10 sessions at 6 hrs = 60 hrs (12 Classes @ 6 hours = 72 hours)*
Attendance is required. Missing more than one class is considered to be problematic. Any tasks, assignments, or readings from the missed class would need to be completed. After missing two sessions, additional or makeup assignments, may be required. Should you have to miss a class please contact John by email. In the event of inclement weather, an email will be sent to your work email or you can contact John.

2. Online Component: 10 sessions at 3 hrs = 30 hrs (12 classes @ 3 hours=36 hours)
1) Discussion of Issues / Case Studies: An online discussion space (Blog or this wiki) will be setup where candidates will discuss issues or case-studies, that occur when trying to integrate information and communication technology across the curriculum. Participants will have two weeks in an open online forum to discuss the “issue or case study”. The course instructor will have access to the forum and be able to monitor and encourage participation by candidates.
2) Online Reflective Journal: Candidates will submit a reflective online journal entry every other week (7 total) to the instructor. Journal submissions will be guided by the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession. Participants will draw from in-class experiences, peer collaboration, online discussion, professional reading, as well as their own reflective classroom teaching experiences.
3) Collaboration: Weekly assignments will be posted and participants are encouraged to provide feedback, share ideas, ask questions, etc.

3. Skill Practise / Skill Mastery - 10 sessions at 3 hrs = 30 hrs (12 classes = 6 hours)
It is expected that participants will spend a minimum of three hours a week regarding skill mastery, professional reading, reflection on learning and completion of weekly assignments. Lab hours will be made available with the presence of the instructor(s) where participants may wish to gather to complete tasks. Completion (or lack) of weekly assignments, professional reading, content, etc. will be evident in the candidate’s class and online participation.

4. Additional Conference Time - 10 sessions at 1 hr = 10 hrs (12 classes = 12 hours)
John will be available for at least one hour during each evening class session for optional conference/assistance for the purpose of individual assistance, group work and discussions, planning and research time, and individual assessment. Participants will be encouraged to make use of this time to obtain help, collaborate with peers and build community as professional learners. John can always be reached throughout the week by email or phone as well.

* Classes and hours shown in brackets is representative of the summer schedule