Class Make-Up Professional Article/Website Response (2)

[K] Assignment: Professional Website Review 6

English Students Create Their Versions of Inanimate Alice (March 18, 2009)
Teacher Diane Aronow provides background on students that have created work inspired by the Inanimate Alice series. Visit the following link and read the posts … they are worth looking at!
Now, have a look at these links to see what Diane's students have created.

For your assignment, what do you think? Is this a super-teacher with incredible kids or do-able in your class by you and your students? Write your response and bring it to class to share with others.

[L] Assignment: Professional Article Review 6

Classroom 2.0 … What is your favorite online "affinity space"? (see Handout or go to website)
by Jennifer Koch Lubke

Affinity spaces are places where informal learning takes place. According to James Gee (the author of the term), affinity spaces are "characterized by, among other things, the sharing of knowledge and expertise based on voluntary affiliations" (Jenkins, 2006). Often (but not always) occurring online, affinity spaces have a goal of sharing knowledge or participating in a specific area, but informal learning is another outcome. Want to know more, visit:
Read the article and the follow-up entries. What did you take from the posts … how have they framed your thinking - reinforced your thinking? Made you think twice? Write a brief reflection and then bring it in to share your thoughts with your colleagues.