Culminating Task … Some samples to refer to (Courtesy of Sharon)

Brief Description of Culminating Task
Grade Level of Task
Since beginning this course I have grown to understand the importance of integrating information technologies on a more consistent basis. I have taken a math strand that I have recently taught and laid out how I have or will teach this strand now being more equipped with the knowledge of programs and web sites discovered during this course. They will help me enhance my students learning experience.
Grade 5/6
Career Research Project using Smart Ideas. Students were first taken through the "Searching the Internet" activity which focused on critical literacy skills, decifering reputable websites, and siting sources properly. They then used the "myPathways" site as well as numerous others to conduct research on careers in all four Pathways. Once they selected only two main careers to research (must be from two different pathways) they narrowed their searches and followed the project outline to gain the appropriate information. From there, they summarized and put their information into concept map format in Smart Ideas. They will present their findings to the class in oral presentations (likely a gallery walk style with peer/teacher evaluation).

Liz B
I believe this course has been a springboard for promoting the integration of emerging technologies in education. Not only has it influenced its participants but it is my hope that it will cause significant mind sifts within our board to facilitate the use of technologies for our teachers and students. I think that I speak for many, if not all participants in this course, that the growth in our technology awareness and its use in education has been significant. It is my hope therefore that the seeds that have been planted in this course continue to grow and flourish. In attempt to promote continued growth and sharing, I have created a blog that I hope will serve as a venue for the participants of this course to continue to network with one another and share as well as celebrate the many wonderful things that are happening in their classrooms and how technology has empowered students to be productive agents of the future.

My class created a digital alphabet book. Students were divided into 4 groups, given 1-2 letters of the alphabet. Then they took pictures of various winter objects that started with their letter, using a digital camera. The pictures were later imported onto powerpoint. The students added words to their slide, then used Audacity to read their page (microphones were needed for this.) We got to view the finished class book using the LCD projector.
Grade 1 and up
A Media Literacy, Dance and Music unit using the Catholic School Graduate Expectations as the basis. A video, song and original dance will be created as well as a CD cover for Art.
6 and up
Liz G
A series of literacy activities to follow up a Teacher Read Aloud - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas-
novel. Moving from demonstrating concrete knowledge to making real life connections through media converter, audacity & PowerPoint.

5 and up
Students will create a music video in the style of Gary Jules' "Mad World". Planning for the video's choreography will be done on Geometer's Sketchpad, and all editing / publishing done with MovieMaker.
6, 7 & 8
Integrating Technology into Poetry. Students will create a graphic poetry text for a chosen poem from their independent reading using Photostory and a digital camera. Students will also write their own poem and record a "poetry slam" using Audacity. Both graphic poetry text and poetry slam examples will be modelled and deconstructed whole class using the LCD projector and laptop.

I combined many different Christmas carols to create a Christmas Sing -A-Long. My school used this the last day before school was out for the holidays. It was a great community builder.

A genre study unit and persuasive writing. Students complete a genre study and end with writing a commericial to persuade other students to read a book that they picked from a field trip to Chapters.
4 and up
I have created a Romeo and Juliet website for my grade 10 academic students. This page consists of a Wordle assignment, their homework assignments, MLA reference links, links to Romeo and Juliet notes and information, the summative assignment (essay questions), and the rubric (made from rubistar). This will be an ongoing project for me. Before the end of the project, the students will also be required to perform a dramatic reading using audacity.
9 and up
My students brought digital cameras on our class trip. They created a powerpoint presentation of the trip and created an audacity sound file to go with it.
2/3 and up
We are working on procedural writing so they students are creating a how to book using technology. They are using a digital camera, powerpoint and audacity. The grade 4's will present their project to the grade 3's and the principal using the in focus machine.
30 secs. photostory commercial to advertise travel to one of Canada's trading partners. Students will also use text and narration(Audacity) to enhance the overall appeal of the commercial. Pictures can be scanned from non-fiction books, borrowed from the Internet(with credit) or created themselves through use of digital camera. This is a project inspired by Sharon's photostory lesson using the Canada pix.

I am going to be using videos from you tube, as well as programs for the Smart Board to teach time to my grade 1/2 class. It will include the use of the LCD projector, laptops and a smart board
I have created three assignments for my Grade 9 Geography class that progressively become more technology based as we proceed. The first assignment uses Audacity to re-write the lyrics to a song and then re-record the song with lyrics specific to our unit, the second uses video cameras/recording devices and editing for students to produce their own weather forecast, and the third uses photo-story 3 or movie maker to create a documentary on a current environmental issue.
Intermediate Musical Instrument Research Project using Smart Ideas to create a graphic organizer, and PowerPoint to prepare a presentation with audio files embedded. I have assembled a list of websites that feature musical instrument audio clips.

You can most definitely use examples discussed in class to create a "new and improved" project or possibly use an old project to create an alternative use for it - new life for an old project!