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Premier AT Home

The Halton District School board is pleased to announce that Premier Assistive Technology is now ready for home use. Premier Assistive Technology is a suite of assistive technologies including a scan-and-read program (very similar to Kurzweil); a talking word processor, the universal reader (which allows for reading the web); an e-text reader, a talking calculator, and a host of other products. these may be downloaded at home, at no cost to the user, by any Halton staff or student.

Software Includes:

  • Scan and Read, which allows a document to be scanned and then read back to the user, summarized, and notes extracted from it;
  • Universal Reader, which reads any electronic text, including websites;
  • Talking Word Processor, which allows the user to hear what he or she has typed
  • Word Prediction, to assist with spelling;
  • Talking Calculator
  • many other applications.

How do I access it?

Go to
Username: tcdsb
Password: **

Read the Getting Started section, choose which programs you wold like to download, and proceed!

Computer Requirements:
PC, Windows XP or Vista, 512 RAM minimum


  • Downloading is only appropriate for high-speed connections
  • Download individual programs, not the Literacy Productivity pack, if you have problems with the download stalling. (Scan-and-Read, Universal Reader, Talking Word Processor are recommended)
  • Choose to RUN programs on download, not SAVE