Assistive Technology is ONLY Technology
Great way to start (Getting FREE computers for your school): ****

Free E text books:
E-text of Aesop fables:
Free e-text available in PDF:
More free e-text:
More free:
This Website is NOT FREE! However, it allows you to download a MP3 audio copy of book that is currently in print:
Free chapter e-books for kids:
Primary activity (Math, Literacy, and other Prerequisite Skills Activities):
Star Fall- Free primary stories that are read to kids.
A Variety of Literacy resources:

Homework support for students K- University. Show all the steps involved in solving the problem:
Math resources and math tutorials
Links to several math websites:
Fun math site:
More fun Math:
Free primary/junior math activities:
Math homework help:

A Variety of Math Resources:

Multi level reader website:
Science website:
Not Free:

Smart Technologies Free Down Loads and tutorials:
Free Training for Smart Note Book:
Ministry of Education Licensed Software (OSAPAC) –This website lists all of the Ministry of Education’s licensed software:
Premier Assistive Technologies
BC Ministry of Ed. Special Education – Resources and training tutorials:
Free Virtual Keyboard:
Free Virtual Keyboard Editor:
Free Primary fonts (For Home Use Only):
Dragon Naturally Speaking:

Thousands of teacher resources, ranging from lesson plans to printable stickers:
Free sound effects:
Visual curriculum support (Tour the rainforest, real volcanic eruptions, etc):
Free Picture Dictionary:
Instructional safe videos:
Google Alert:

Video Sources for the Classroom: A Few Examples

Broad Range of Copyright Free Video

  1. The Prelinger Archives

Broad Range of Streaming Video

  1. YouTube
  2. TeacherTube
  3. SchoolTube
  4. Open Vault
  5. Prelinger Archives
  6. CBC Archives
  7. NFB
  8. NFB Focus on Animation
  9. The Open Video Project
  10. Teachers Domain
  11. The Open Video Project

Science Videos

  1. Science Hack
  2. Newton's Apple
  3. The Futures Channel
  4. The Research Channel
  5. MIT Open Courseware
  6. NOVA Online

Math Videos

  1. MathCast Library
  2. The Futures Channel

Media Literacy

  1. Media Literacy Education


  1. Geo Beats


  1. Blog Forest

Professional Development

  1. Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat
  2. OTF Professional Development Workshop Series
  3. Teachers' Domain
  4. Teachers TV
  5. The Annenberg Channel

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Ordering electronic text books for identified students
This services is provided through the Ross McDonald Resource Services Library
Choose one teacher from the school to register as the teacher advisor for the school
The advisor must log on to the following website:
How to Apply for Services?

  • Each advisor (school contact) must register to use our services
  • Registration forms are available on-line
  • The first time an advisor registers, RSL staff will process the registration form
  • Once an advisor has been approved, the user Id and the password generated by the advisor will be activated by RSL staff
  • Please note, advisor approval will not be given to advisors with e-mail addresses that are not a designated school board address. Hotmail, Sympatico and other addresses cannot be used
  • Once registered, Advisor can request for the material on behalf of students of any schools.
Once the advisor has been approved, he/she is eligible to register students who attend any of their schools. The advisor and school are responsible for returning any material that has been loaned to the student.
Eligibility of students who attend a provincially funded school in Ontario and are unable to use regular print material are eligible to use our services. This includes students registered in course(s) at Ontarios colleges and universities. Students attending Private schools that are not provincially funded or federal schools may borrow shelf copies. The students who are print impaired may be learning disabled, visually impaired or physically disabled.
Advisors will be required to complete a confirmation note when registering students. The on-line registration form provides further details.

Resources: If you need free video editing software:

For downloading video clips from YouTube:

Video (and other) file conversion service:

Content/media repositories:

Ontario Educational Resource Bank This site contains demonstrations on how to use the Contributor Gateway to the Ontario Education Bank (the Provincial Learning Object Repository) , and how to find resources in the Educational Resource Bank. The Educational Resource Bank will allow Ontario teachers to share their resources with other teachers and students across the province.
The site also contains a printable PDF manual for the Resource Bank, as well as a few sample resources that are already in the Ontario Educational Bank. (Before using them make sure to look at the
Terms and Conditions)

Teachers, Students, and Parents of Students in District School boards - The Ontario Educational Resource Bank is password protected. Contact your local school board for information about using these resources. You may search for the resources by grade, subject/course, strand, overall expectations, and/or keywords. Please enter your user name and password below. Then click on Submit.

Photostory 3 (free download from Microsoft ... Google Photostory 3)

Free Music website
You can download lots of cc (creative commons) music to use in your presentations ... no worries about copyright

Flickr (Pictures and Photos available for download)
Great website to download pictures (cc: creative common) ... no worries about copyright

Free sound effects

Free Primary fonts (For Home Use Only)!25325~AbcPrintDottedLined~font.html

Free E text books
This is a great website for math support for students. It will solve a math problem and show ALL the steps involved in getting the answer.

Great Multi level reader website
A special programme to keep in mind … Play with it and muck around

**Comic Life**

for Windows: English [Licensed for TCDSB ... check wth your School Board for license]

Kidsspace Books Through the Toronto Public Library
Tumblebooks Through the Brampton Public Library

Powerpoint Resources - Task Cards

Presentation Features TC3-PPT001.pdf
Powerpoint - Online Technology Practise Modules

Literacy Graphic Organizers - Samples

Bumper Sticker.doc

Computer Poster.doc

Inference_Machines.doc Inference_Machines_sample.doc